579 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, New Jersey 08108, United States


Welcome to Cup of Bliss Coffee Company

Welcome to Cup of Bliss Coffee Company Welcome to Cup of Bliss Coffee Company

Our Story


Cup of Bliss Coffee Company is a small batch roastery in historic Collingswood, New Jersey. Founded in 2017 with the intention of exceptional service, we pride ourselves on our careful roasting process and excellent brews. 

We welcome you to come enjoy our cozy shop, get to know our quirky staff, and, of course, try our incredible coffee. 

Our main objective is to serve our customers the best possible cup of coffee imaginable. 

With a seasonal rotation of 10 to 15 different varieties from three different regions of the world, customers can always find a bean or a blend that suits their palates. We also offer four brewing methods (drip, pour over, french press, and cold brew) in order to give our customers variety and choice in their hand-crafted drink. 

For the casual coffee drinker, our expert staff can guide you and recommend which bean, brewing methods, and espresso blend will best fit your tastes and specifications. 

Cup of Bliss Coffee Company was recently named by SJ Magazine 2018 Best Way to Sip on a Custom Cup of Coffee.

History of Bliss

At Cup of Bliss, “Bliss” isn’t just another name for coffee. Debbie Blissick is our master roaster and founder! Debbie, a former business consultant, had dreamed of owning and operating a coffee shop long before she so much as saw a raw coffee bean. After deciding to leave the professional world, she studied the craft of coffee roasting and used her background in business to begin plans for a roastery and shop of her own. 

As plans for the shop got underway, Debbie and her husband Brian found out that their family would soon be growing. Debbie continued working on Cup of Bliss throughout her pregnancy, and the shop opened just a month and a half before ‘Baby Bliss’ was born. 

Now Debbie is back in action at our store in Collingswood with Baby Bliss on her hip. It’s only a matter of time before the little one is roasting coffee too!